Services And Rates

Visits can include...

  • Fresh water and food
  • Clean yard, litter box, cage, or tank
  • Daily log of pets
  • Walks/Playtime
  • Bringing in your mail
  • Watering plants
  • Taking out the garbage/recycling
  • Maintaining alarm
  • Turning lights on as needed
  • TLC

In-Home Pet Sitting

  • $60 per night (overnight stays of more than 1 night include daily walks)


  • Daily walks and feedings, up to 2 dogs - $20 / 30 minutes
  • Three visits per day - $50
  • More than 2 dogs, $5 for each additional dog


  • Litter scooping and feedings, up to 2 cats - $20 per visit
  • More than 2 cats, $3 for each additional cat


  • Up to 2 exotics - $20 per visit
  • More than 2 exotics, $3 for each additional exotic


  • No charge, if included with other pet care services

Medical Services

  • Medication dispensing, injections, ear cleaning and medicating - $20 per visit

Transportation To Vet or Grooming Appointments

  • Charges vary depending on distance and time. Please contact us for an estimate.

Please Note:

Prices for these services are for the areas north of Davis Blvd to Corkscrew Road and West of Everglades Blvd. For all other areas please contact for pricing as additional fees may apply.